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Technology Engineering Materials Science Metals Alloys Books

Nickel Base Single Crystals Across Length Scales Nickel Base Single Crystals...

Loeiz Naze (Editor), Vincent Maurel (Editor)
Buy from $240.49
eBook from $220.00

3D Microelectronic Packaging: From Architectures to Applications 3D Microelectronic Packaging:...

Yan Li (Editor), Deepak Goyal (Editor)
Buy from $91.46
eBook from $50.70

Welding Metallurgy Welding Metallurgy

Sindo Kou
Buy from $48.58
eBook from $124.00

Extractive Metallurgy: Processes and Applications Extractive Metallurgy:...

Sujay Kumar Dutta, Avinash B. Lele
Buy from $23.23

Aluminum Surfaces: A Guide to Alloys, Finishes, Fabrication and Maintenance in Architecture and Art Aluminum Surfaces: A Guide to...

L William Zahner
Buy from $67.80
eBook from $63.00

Smelter Grade Alumina from Bauxite: History, Best Practices, and Future Challenges Smelter Grade Alumina from...

Benny E. Raahauge (Editor), Fred S. Williams (Editor)
Buy from $128.79
eBook from $38.70

Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering Introduction to Materials...

Yip-Wah Chung
Buy from $2.99
eBook from $54.98

Welding Metallurgy and Weldability Welding Metallurgy and...

John C Lippold
Buy from $109.55

The Handbook of Machine Soldering: Smt and Th The Handbook of Machine...

Ralph W Woodgate
Buy from $121.02

Deformation and Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Materials Deformation and Fracture...

Richard W Hertzberg
Buy from $4.25
eBook from $54.00

4090 Sheet Metal / HVAC Pro Calc Calculator 4090 Sheet Metal / HVAC Pro...

Calculated Industries
Buy from $64.98

Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design Sheet Metal Forming Processes...

Vukota Boljanovic
Buy from $28.28
eBook from $89.95

Arc Welding Processes Handbook Arc Welding Processes Handbook

Ramesh Singh
Buy from $155.26

What Every Engineer Should Know about Threaded Fasteners: Materials and Design What Every Engineer Should...

Alexander Blake
Buy from $59.88
eBook from $41.23

The Electrical Properties of Metals and Alloys The Electrical Properties of...

J. S. Dugdale
Buy from $13.50
eBook from $19.95

Structural Hot-Spot Stress Approach to Fatigue Analysis of Welded Components: Designer's Guide Structural Hot-Spot Stress...

Erkki Niemi, Wolfgang Fricke
Buy from $96.25
eBook from $29.70

Fundamentals of Radiation Materials Science: Metals and Alloys Fundamentals of Radiation...

Gary S Was
Buy from $111.30
eBook from $26.70

Heat Treatment: Master Control Manual Heat Treatment: Master...

William E Bryson
Buy from $73.80

Wire Ropes: Tension, Endurance, Reliability Wire Ropes: Tension,...

Klaus Feyrer
Buy from $124.95
eBook from $62.70

Basic Concepts of Iron and Steel Making Basic Concepts of Iron and...

Sujay Kumar Dutta, Yakshil B Chokshi
Buy from $79.78
eBook from $29.70

Shock Waves and High-Strain-Rate Phenomena in Metals: Concepts and Applications Shock Waves and High-Strain...

Mare Meyers (Editor)
Buy from $28.12

Fundamentals and Details of Laser Welding Fundamentals and Details of...

Seiji Katayama
Buy from $134.89
eBook from $47.70

Heat Treatment, Selection, and Application of Tool Steels 2e Heat Treatment, Selection,...

William E Bryson
Buy from $44.27

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