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In a world where you can meet your soul mate on your laptop and watch Apocalypse Now on your iPhone,Computer Books are essential to our understanding of our everyday environment. Get up to date on the ins and outs of your hardware and software, look back on the lives of computer science superheroes, or absorb the intellect of towering technology figures like Ray Kurzweil and Nicholas Carr. Our awesome array of cutting-edge Computer Books will plug you into the tech info you're after.

The Soul of a New Machine

The Soul of a New Machine

The revolution started here. This 1981 account of an engineering team putting it all on the line to build a new computer is surely the first computer book ever to win a Pulitzer Prize. A huge chunk of the way we live today can be traced back to the geeky godheads whose tireless tech innovations are chronicled here by Tracy Kidder. In order to build a better mousetrap in terms of what was then widely known as the minicomputer — still a behemoth even compared to today's biggest laptops — a group of inspired information architects put every ounce of themselves into advancing computer technology. It's that human element that gives The Soul of a New Machine its title and makes Kidder's account endlessly relevant.

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