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You don't need to own a drafting table and a protractor to be fascinated by Architecture Books. Granted, getting the inside scoop from great thinkers like Francis D.K. Ching, John L. Hennessy, and I.M. Pei can be a godsend for pros and students alike, but Architecture Books can really speak to anyone interested in their surroundings. Whether you're a master builder or you've never gotten past sand castle construction, we've got the exact books you're after right here.

Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction

Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction

Making history from the ground up. If you've ever marveled at the majesty of a Gothic cathedral, this illustrated account of one being constructed will seem heaven-sent. And if you haven't, it'll show you why you should! David Macaulay takes architecture books to a new level through his twin talents of illustration and storytelling. Drawing on his architectural knowhow, he unfolds the tale of a fictional 13th century cathedral and walks us through its entire birth process, from the earliest plans to the tiniest details of the construction. By the time you're done you feel like you can hear that huge cathedral bell resounding in your head.

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