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Hannah D
Discussion about General

MP3 files and postage????

Hi , I can√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęt find anywhere to write to this company to ask why they are charging over20 dollars shipping for an MP3 which can be sent in an email. Can anyone advise please? As I would dearly like this book on audio but don√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęt want a cd. Many thanks in advance for any advice.

Discussion about General

Advanced Search

Has Alibris hidden advanced search options so I can't see them? I want to search by publisher.

Discussion about Book Collecting


I have a few books I believe will interest collectors. Is there anyone who might be interested in purchasing to resell or do I need to become a seller to sell myself? The books are; A 20 book set of 10 volumes, two sections per volume √Ę‚?¨Ň?the complete works of Shakespeare√Ę‚?¨¬? edited by ... More

Discussion about Biographies & Memoirs



Godrej Splendou
Discussion about General

Godrej Splendour offers a truly elevated living experience

Discover the epitome of luxury and comfort in one of Bangalore's most coveted locations.Belathur In Bangaloe with 1 2 and 3bhks

Discussion about General

Highway 61 dvd

Been looking for this Canadian film from the 90√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs I believe for ages! Anyone know where I might find a copy??

Diana F
Discussion about What Was That Book?

was it a Kaye Scarpetta?

The heroine had to go through a dark maze to reach a secret installation

Sarivelisse V
Discussion about Book Collecting

Never mind a twin novel


Discussion about Suggestion Box for Alibris

Taking What's Not Yours

Here's a suggestion: stop stealing my money. I've twice ordered a book; I paid for it (with shipping) twice (mid-Feb. and March). Twice-- no book. I contacted the merchant directly; he knew nothing about the order. I sent Alibris a request to investigate; NO response. So, Alibris-- Although I've ... More

Discussion about Movies

only one dvd per cart?

I just discovered this site and want to order several dvds, but it would only add one item to the cart, if I add another one, it wipes off the first one...anybody know how to solve this?