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Action Comedy, Action Thriller, Biker Film, Chase Movie, Comic-Book Superhero Film, Disaster Film, Escape Film, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi Action


Adventure Comedy, Adventure Drama, Animal Picture, British Empire Film, Costume Adventure, Family-Oriented Adventure, Fantasy Adventure, Jungle Film, Romantic Adventure, Samurai Film, Sea Adventure, Space Adventure, Swashbuckler, Sword-and-Sandal, Sword-and-Sorcery, War Adventure

Avant-garde / Experimental

Abstract Film, Essay Film, Surrealist Film, Trash Film, Video Art


Adult Education, Careers, Computers, Finance & Investing, Law & Crime, Sales & Marketing, Small Business, Workplace Issues


Children's Educational, Children's Entertainment, Children's Issues


Animal Picture, Animated Musical, Childhood Drama, Children's Fantasy, Fairy Tales & Legends, Family-Oriented Adventure, Family-Oriented Comedy, Fantasy Adventure, Musical Fantasy


Action Comedy, Adventure Comedy, Anarchic Comedy, Backstage Musical, Beach Film, Black Comedy, Buddy Film, Comedy of Errors, Comedy of Manners, Comedy Thriller, Comedy Western, Crime Comedy, Domestic Comedy, Family-Oriented Comedy, Fantasy Comedy, Farce, Gross-Out Comedy, Heavenly Comedy, Horror Comedy, Media Satire, Military Comedy, Mockumentary, Musical Comedy, Odd Couple Film, Parody/Spoof, Police Comedy, Political Satire, Religious Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Satire, Sci-Fi Comedy, Screwball Comedy, Sex Comedy, Showbiz Comedy, Sketch Comedy, Slapstick, Sophisticated Comedy, Sports Comedy, Spy Comedy, Standup Comedy, Teen Movie, Urban Comedy, Workplace Comedy

Comedy Drama

Buddy Film, Comedy of Manners, Coming-of-Age, Ensemble Film, Odd Couple Film, Reunion Films, Romantic Comedy, Tragi-comedy, Urban Comedy


Blaxploitation, Caper, Courtroom Drama, Crime Comedy, Crime Drama, Crime Thriller, Detective Film, Film Noir, Gangster Film, Juvenile Delinquency Film, Master Criminal Films, Police Detective Film, Police Drama, Post-Noir (Modern Noir), Prison Film

Culture & Society

Anthropology, Biography, Bloopers & Candid Camera, Competitive Reality Show [TV], Gender Issues, Holidays, Marriage & Commitment, Race & Ethnicity, Shockumentary, Social History, Social Issues, Sociology


Ballet, Ballroom Dance, Children's Educational, Children's Entertainment, Concerts, Jazz & Modern Dance


Addiction Drama, Adventure Drama, Americana, Biography [feature], Childhood Drama, Coming-of-Age, Courtroom Drama, Crime Drama, Docudrama, Ensemble Film, Erotic Drama, Family Drama, Feminist Film, Film a Clef, Hagiography, Marriage Drama, Medical Drama, Melodrama, Message Movie, Musical Drama, Period Film, Police Drama, Political Drama, POW Drama, Prime-Time Drama [TV], Psychological Drama, Religious Drama, Reunion Films, Romantic Drama, Rural Drama, Showbiz Drama, Social Problem Film, Sports Drama, Tragedy, Urban Drama, War Drama


Adult Education, Children's Educational, College & Test Prep, Social Issues, Special Education, Teaching


British Empire Film, Epic Western, Hagiography, Historical Epic, Period Film, Religious Epic, Romantic Epic, Sword-and-Sandal, War Epic

Family & Personal Relationships

Children's Issues, Interpersonal Relationships, Marriage & Commitment, Parenting, Self-Help, Sexuality


Animated Musical, Anime, Children's Fantasy, Comic-Book Superhero Film, Fairy Tales & Legends, Fantasy Adventure, Fantasy Comedy, Heaven-Can-Wait Fantasies, Heavenly Comedy, Musical Fantasy, Mythological Fantasy, Prehistoric Fantasy, Romantic Fantasy, Sword-and-Sorcery

Film, TV & Radio

Adult Entertainment, Biography, Film & Television History, Journalism, Media Studies, Video Art

Health & Fitness

Aerobic Exercise, Alternative Health, Diet & Nutrition, Illnesses & Disabilities, Martial Arts, Medicine, Personal Safety, Psychology, Self-Help, Sexuality, Toning & Strength Training, Women's Health, Yoga

Historical Film

Biography [feature], British Empire Film, Hagiography, Historical Epic, Period Film, Romantic Epic, Samurai Film, Sword-and-Sandal, War Drama, War Epic


Biography, Inventions & Innovations, Law & Crime, Military & War, Mythology, Politics & Government, Social History, Tragedies & Catastrophes, World History


Costume Horror, Gothic Film, Haunted House Film, Horror Comedy, Monster Film, Natural Horror, Sci-Fi Horror, Sex Horror, Slasher Film, Supernatural Horror

Language & Literature

Biography, Journalism, Linguistics, Literary Studies

Leisure Arts

Ambiance, Beauty & Fashion, Cooking & Food, Gardening, Hobbies, Crafts & Games, Holidays, Home Decoration & Improvement, Home Entertaining, Weddings


Ambiance, Biography, Children's Entertainment, Concerts, Filmed Play, Holidays, Instrumental Music, Jazz & Modern Dance, Music History, Music Show [TV], Opera, Vocal Music


Animated Musical, Backstage Musical, Beach Film, Film-Opera, Musical Comedy, Musical Drama, Musical Fantasy, Musical Romance, Musical Western, Operetta, Rock Musical


Comedy Thriller, Detective Film, Film Noir, Giallo, Police Detective Film, Post-Noir (Modern Noir), Romantic Mystery, Whodunit


Ambiance, Animals, Environmental Science, Gardening, Natural Environments, Nature Show [TV], Tragedies & Catastrophes, Weather

Reality Show [TV]

Candid Reality Show [TV], Competitive Reality Show [TV], Lifestyle Show [TV], Makeover Show [TV]


Musical Romance, Romantic Adventure, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Drama, Romantic Epic, Romantic Fantasy, Romantic Mystery, War Romance

Science & Technology

Audio-Visual, Biography, Biological Sciences, Computers, Environmental Science, Inventions & Innovations, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Unexplained Phenomena, Vehicles & Transportation, Weather

Science Fiction

Alien Invasion Films, Anime, Comic-Book Superhero Film, Monster Film, Natural Horror, Psychological Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi Comedy, Sci-Fi Disaster Film, Sci-Fi Horror, Space Adventure, Tech Noir

Spirituality & Philosophy

Biography, Morality & Values, Mythology, New Age & Metaphysics, Philosophy, Religions & Belief Systems

Sports & Recreation

Biography, Bloopers & Candid Camera, Extreme Sports, Martial Arts, Motor Sports, Outdoor Recreation, Sports, Sports Show [TV]

Spy Film

Glamorized Spy Film, Political Drama, Political Thriller, Resistance Film, Spy Comedy, Unglamorized Spy Film, War Spy Film


Biography, Filmed Play, Opera, Performance Art


Action Thriller, Chase Movie, Comedy Thriller, Crime Thriller, Detective Film, Erotic Thriller, Escape Film, Film Noir, Giallo, Paranoid Thriller, Police Detective Film, Political Thriller, Post-Noir (Modern Noir), Psychological Thriller, Unglamorized Spy Film


Adventure Travel, Armchair Travel, Guided Travel, Natural Environments

Visual Arts

Architecture & Design, Art History, Biography, Graphic & Applied Arts, Sculpture, Video Art


Anti-War Film, Combat Films, Escape Film, Military Comedy, POW Drama, Propaganda Film, Resistance Film, War Adventure, War Drama, War Epic, War Romance, War Spy Film


B-Western, Cavalry Film, Comedy Western, Epic Western, Eurowestern, Hybrid Western, Indian Western, Modern Western, Musical Western, Outlaw (Gunfighter) Film, Psychological Western, Revisionist Western, Spaghetti Western, Traditional Western