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Great Science & Nature books read like novels. Filled with compelling characters and startling plot twists, their authors often borrow tropes and narrative tricks from science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more—turning great scientific discoveries into great adventures for readers. So whether you're interested in uncovering the Origins of the Species or the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, getting inside the Mind of the Raven or exploring the Secret World of Sleep, you'll find thousands of tantalizing titles among our virtual bookshelves. Go, read, learn: your voyage of discovery starts now!

Spillover Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic David Quammen

Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic

Another inconvenient truth? You don't read an intense, uncompromising Science book like Spillover because you're looking for something to lull you to sleep at night. In fact, award-winning author David Quammen's account of the dangers in store for humanity may very likely have the opposite effect. Quammen takes a long, deep look into the ways that increases in globalization and industrialization have impacted the natural world, often with potentially disastrous results. Spillover is an don't slot it for bedtime reading!

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