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Teen & Young Adult Books

Are you looking for books that will help shape the minds of teens or young adults? Browse through our extensive online selection of the best books for teens and young adults that range from subjects such as fiction, society, politics, social awareness and more, all written by some of the world's best authors. We also stock popular teen and young adult book series that will captivate them for days on end.


A lot of young adult books specifically speak to teenagers through characters, voice, theme, and tone. For instance, many books for teens will position a young person as the protagonist so that they can better relate to the intended reader and share insights that may be relevant to young people in general.

However, there is no definite answer about what makes a particular book appropriate for teenagers. In fact, there has been a longstanding debate over what kind of books are appropriate for which age ranges, the content and themes teenagers are equipped to deal with, and the types of books that should be found in schools.

In many cases, reviewers and publications will provide particular books with age-appropriate ranges. These age ranges act as suggestions rather than hard rules, but they can often serve as an easy-to-reference guide when shopping for good books for teens.

While teenagers are bound to have different interests and preferences, some of the most popular genres for teen books include:

Young adult fiction spans virtually every genre, so there are plenty of choices for your teen to find something that piques their interest.

In search of the best books for teens? In that case, you may want to include some of these popular books for teenagers on your shopping list:

As you consider good books for teens, you might also think about common themes and tropes that resonate with young people and teenagers.

For example, coming-of-age narratives, first love stories, and books with themes of friendship can do a good job of speaking to young people and providing them with insight into the unique challenges and milestones they may be currently dealing with.

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