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Utopian Generations: The Political Horizon of Twentieth-Century Literature Utopian Generations: The...

Nicholas Brown
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eBook from $49.95

Germans in Minnesota Germans in Minnesota

Kathleen Neils Conzen, Bill Holm (Foreword by)
Buy from $3.37

Letters to My White Male Friends Letters to My White Male...

Dax-Devlon Ross
Buy from $1.72

The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815 The Middle Ground: Indians,...

Richard White
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eBook from $41.99

Cities of the Dead: Circum-Atlantic Performance Cities of the Dead: Circum...

Joseph Roach
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eBook from $9.80

The End of White Christian America The End of White Christian...

Robert P Jones
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The Philadelphia Irish: Nation, Culture, and the Rise of a Gaelic Public Sphere The Philadelphia Irish:...

Michael L Mullan
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eBook from $28.95

Negrophilia: Avant-Garde Paris and Black Culture in the 1920s Negrophilia: Avant-Garde...

Petrine Archer-Shaw
Buy from $23.43

Poles in Minnesota Poles in Minnesota

Professor John Radzilowski, Bill Holm (Foreword by)
Buy from $2.41

The Ordeal of the Longhouse: The Peoples of the Iroquois League in the Era of European Colonization The Ordeal of the Longhouse:...

Daniel K Richter
Buy from $12.00
eBook from $29.99

Black Iris Black Iris

Jean Joubert, Denise Levertov (Translator)
Buy from $4.11

Women on War in Spain's Long Nineteenth Century: Virtue, Patriotism, Citizenship Women on War in Spain's Long...

Christine Arkinstall
Buy from $65.75
eBook from $42.00

Norwegians in Minnesota Norwegians in Minnesota

Jon Gjerde, Carleton C Qualey
Buy from $1.49

Swedes in Minnesota Swedes in Minnesota

Anne Gillespie Lewis, Bill Holm (Foreword by)
Buy from $2.76

The Same River Twice The Same River Twice

Alice Walker
Buy from $1.49

The Redneck Manifesto: How Hillbillies Hicks and White Trash Becames America's Scapegoats The Redneck Manifesto: How...

Jim Goad
Buy from $2.70

Nice White Ladies: The Truth about White Supremacy, Our Role in It, and How We Can Help Dismantle It Nice White Ladies: The Truth...

Jessie Daniels
Buy from $8.79

The Moment of Racial Sight: A History The Moment of Racial Sight: A...

Irene Tucker
Buy from $25.73
eBook from $55.99

American Holocaust: Columbus and the Conquest of the New World American Holocaust: Columbus...

David E Stannard
Buy from $26.81

Life and Death in the Delta: African American Narratives of Violence, Resilience, and Social Change Life and Death in the Delta:...

K Rogers
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eBook from $16.50

Philadelphia's Germans: From Colonial Settlers to Enemy Aliens Philadelphia's Germans: From...

Richard N. Juliani
Buy from $120.44
eBook from $29.25

Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature of the Transpacific Transitive Cultures:...

Christopher B. Patterson
Buy from $2.95

Finding Ways Through Eurospace: West African Movers Re-Viewing Europe from the Inside Finding Ways Through...

Joris Schapendonk
Buy from $134.51
eBook from $29.95

Spaniards in Mauthausen: Representations of a Nazi Concentration Camp, 1940-2015 Spaniards in Mauthausen:...

Sara J Brenneis
Buy from $48.81
eBook from $29.97

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