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Genetics & Genomics Books

The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles The Biology of Belief:...

Bruce H Lipton
Buy from $1.36

Lifespan: Why We Age--And Why We Don't Have to Lifespan: Why We Age--And Why...

David A Sinclair, PhD
Buy from $4.41

Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution: Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution:...

Dr. Steven R Gundry
Buy from $0.99

The Selfish Gene: 40th Anniversary edition The Selfish Gene: 40th...

Richard Dawkins
Buy from $3.80

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and...

Jeremy Narby
Buy from $4.39

The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design The Blind Watchmaker: Why the...

Richard Dawkins
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eBook from $18.95

The Cartoon Guide to Genetics The Cartoon Guide to Genetics

Larry Gonick
Buy from $1.50

The Epigenetics Revolution: How Modern Biology is Rewriting Our Understanding of Genetics, Disease and Inheritance The Epigenetics Revolution:...

Nessa Carey
Buy from $3.55
eBook from $6.30

The Gene: An Intimate History The Gene: An Intimate History

Siddhartha Mukherjee
Buy from $1.37

The Violinist's Thumb: And Other Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius, as Written by Our Genetic Code The Violinist's Thumb: And...

Sam Kean
Buy from $0.99

Signature in the Cell: DNA and the Evidence for Intelligent Design Signature in the Cell: DNA...

Stephen C Meyer
Buy from $6.71
eBook from $11.52

Unlocking the Past: How Archaeologists Are Rewriting Human History with Ancient DNA Unlocking the Past: How...

Dr. Martin Jones
Buy from $5.89

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy The Family Tree Guide to DNA...

Blaine T Bettinger
Buy from $1.47

The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA The Double Helix: A Personal...

James D Watson
Buy from $0.99

The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature The Blank Slate: The Modern...

Steven Pinker
Buy from $1.99

Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art Kindred: Neanderthal Life,...

Rebecca Wragg Sykes
Buy from $5.23
eBook from $10.40

The Genie in Your Genes: Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention The Genie in Your Genes:...

Dawson Church
Buy from $2.11

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived: The Human Story Retold Through Our Genes A Brief History of Everyone...

Adam Rutherford
Buy from $2.04
eBook from $18.95

She Has Her Mother's Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potential of Heredity She Has Her Mother's Laugh:...

Carl Zimmer
Buy from $1.35

Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You're Eating Seeds of Deception: Exposing...

Jeffrey M Smith, Frances Moore Lapp? (Foreword by)
Buy from $2.53

How Life Works: A User's Guide to the New Biology How Life Works: A User's...

Philip Ball
Buy from $19.11
eBook from $28.99

The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution The 10,000 Year Explosion:...

Gregory Cochran, Henry Harpending
Buy from $1.78

Genetics and Genomics in Nursing and Health Care Genetics and Genomics in...

Theresa A Beery, PhD, RN, M Linda Workman, PhD, RN, Faan
Buy from $0.99
eBook from $34.98

Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the new science of the human past Who We Are and How We Got...

David Reich
Buy from $3.09

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