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Revelations Revelations

Xavier Reyes-Ayral
Buy from $21.42

Live Not by Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents Live Not by Lies: A Manual...

Rod Dreher
Buy from $8.77

Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Christian Community Life Together: The Classic...

Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Buy from $1.99

The Cross and the Lynching Tree The Cross and the Lynching...

James H Cone
Buy from $11.29
eBook from $22.50

The Nag Hammadi Scriptures: The Revised and Updated Translation of Sacred Gnostic Texts Complete in One Volume The Nag Hammadi Scriptures:...

Marvin W Meyer, James M Robinson
Buy from $16.49
eBook from $17.29

Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World Dominion: How the Christian...

Tom Holland
Buy from $8.92

Confessions Confessions

Saint Augustine
Buy from $1.72
eBook from $3.25

Church History in Plain Language, Fifth Edition Church History in Plain...

Bruce Shelley, Marshall Shelley (Revised by)
Buy from $22.64

Foxe's Book of Martyrs Foxe's Book of Martyrs

John Foxe
Buy from $1.33
eBook from $1.99

The Pope at War: The Secret History of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler The Pope at War: The Secret...

David I Kertzer
Buy from $12.34

How Not to Read the Bible: Making Sense of the Anti-Women, Anti-Science, Pro-Violence, Pro-Slavery and Other Crazy Sounding Parts of Scripture How Not to Read the Bible:...

Dan Kimball
Buy from $9.86
eBook from $11.49

The City of God The City of God

St. Augustine
Buy from $2.87

The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected The Insanity of God: A True...

Nik Ripken, Gregg Lewis
Buy from $1.99

Every Woman a Theologian: Know What You Believe. Live It Confidently. Communicate It Graciously. Every Woman a Theologian:...

Phylicia Masonheimer
Buy from $14.73
eBook from $13.99

Lost Scriptures: Books That Did Not Make It Into the New Testament Lost Scriptures: Books That...

Bart D Ehrman
Buy from $2.15
eBook from $9.10

My Jesus: From Heartache to Hope My Jesus: From Heartache to...

Anne Wilson
Buy from $9.99
eBook from $9.99

The Case for Christ Student Edition: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus The Case for Christ Student...

Lee Strobel, Ms. Jane Vogel
Buy from $1.14
eBook from $7.99

The Ballot and the Bible: How Scripture Has Been Used and Abused in American Politics and Where We Go from Here The Ballot and the Bible: How...

Kaitlyn Schiess
Buy from $13.64
eBook from $19.99

Diario de Santa Maria Faustina Kowalska Diario de Santa Maria...

St Maria Faustina Kowalska
Buy from $3.95

The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth The Making of Biblical...

Beth Allison Barr
Buy from $9.83
eBook from $19.99

The Story of Christianity Volume 1: The Early Church to the Dawn of the Reformation The Story of Christianity...

Justo L. Gonzalez
Buy from $6.45
eBook from $14.67

Person of Interest: Why Jesus Still Matters in a World That Rejects the Bible Person of Interest: Why Jesus...

J Warner Wallace
Buy from $9.99
eBook from $9.99

The Imitation of Christ The Imitation of Christ

Thomas ? Kempis
Buy from $3.28

Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within Infiltration: The Plot to...

Dr. Taylor Marshall
Buy from $11.50

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