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Shifting the Balance, Grades 3-5: 6 Ways to Bring the Science of Reading Into the Upper Elementary Classroom Shifting the Balance, Grades...

Katie Cunningham, Jan Burkins
Buy from $78.88

Reading in the Brain: The New Science of How We Read Reading in the Brain: The New...

Stanislas Dehaene
Buy from $5.50

Comprehension Connections: Bridges to Strategic Reading Comprehension Connections:...

Tanny McGregor
Buy from $2.51

Artfully Teaching the Science of Reading Artfully Teaching the Science...

Chase Young, David Paige
Buy from $38.37
eBook from $21.43

The Novel Cure: From Abandonment to Zestlessness: 751 Books to Cure What Ails You The Novel Cure: From...

Ella Berthoud, Susan Elderkin
Buy from $1.58

Building the Young Reader s Brain, Birth Through Age 8 Building the Young Reader s...

Pamela A Nevills
Buy from $37.05
eBook from $36.00

Teaching Comprehension: The Comprehension Process Approach Teaching Comprehension: The...

Cathy Collins Block, Professor Cathy Collins Block, PhD
Buy from $1.25

Learning to Read: The Great Debate Learning to Read: The Great...

Jeanne S Chall
Buy from $27.35

Lenses on Reading: An Introduction to Theories and Models Lenses on Reading: An...

Diane H Tracey, Edd, Lesley Mandel Morrow, PhD
Buy from $1.25
eBook from $23.40

The Science of Reading: A Handbook The Science of Reading: A...

Margaret J Snowling (Editor), Charles Hulme (Editor)
Buy from $14.02

The Mind on Paper: Reading, Consciousness and Rationality The Mind on Paper: Reading,...

David R. Olson
Buy from $35.93

In a Reading State of Mind: Brain Research, Teacher Modeling, and Comprehension Instruction In a Reading State of Mind:...

Douglas Fisher, Dr. Nancy Frey
Buy from $1.19

How Literature Plays with the Brain: The Neuroscience of Reading and Art How Literature Plays with the...

Paul B. Armstrong
Buy from $13.00
eBook from $29.95

Breaking the Code: The New Science of Beginning Reading and Writing Breaking the Code: The New...

Dr. J Richard Gentry
Buy from $1.47

Dynamics in Document Design Dynamics in Document Design

Karen A Schriver, Ph.D.
Buy from $2.15

How to Prevent Reading Difficulties, Grades Prek-3: Proactive Practices for Teaching Young Children to Read How to Prevent Reading...

Mark Weakland
Buy from $20.98
eBook from $36.00

Reading in the Brain: The Science and Evolution of a Human Invention Reading in the Brain: The...

Stanislas Dehaene
Buy from $8.24

Power of Reading: From Socrates to Twitter Power of Reading: From...

Professor Frank Furedi
Buy from $2.20
eBook from $13.16

The Reader's Brain: How Neuroscience Can Make You a Better Writer The Reader's Brain: How...

Yellowlees Douglas
Buy from $5.00
eBook from $20.99

The Psychology of Reading: Theory and Applications The Psychology of Reading:...

Paula J Schwanenflugel, PhD, Nancy Flanagan Knapp, PhD
Buy from $30.24
eBook from $27.00

Why Do I Have to Read This?: Literacy Strategies to Engage Our Most Reluctant Students Why Do I Have to Read This?:...

Cris Tovani
Buy from $32.41

Brain Words: How the Science of Reading Informs Teaching Brain Words: How the Science...

J. Richard Gentry, Gene Ouellette
Buy from $16.64
eBook from $24.99

Reading Reading

Frank Smith
Buy from $42.64

Progress in Understanding Reading: Scientific Foundations and New Frontiers Progress in Understanding...

Professor Keith E Stanovich, PhD
Buy from $2.63

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