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Schopenhauer's Porcupines: Intimacy and Its Dilemmas: Five Stories of Psychotherapy Schopenhauer's Porcupines:...

Deborah Anna Luepnitz, PH.D.
Buy from $8.49

Essential Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: An Acquired Art Essential Psychodynamic...

Teri Quatman
Buy from $53.49
eBook from $31.33

Inside Out and Outside in: Psychodynamic Clinical Theory and Psychopathology in Contemporary Multicultural Contexts Inside Out and Outside in:...

Joan Berzoff (Editor), Laura Melano Flanagan (Editor)
Buy from $8.38
eBook from $55.25

Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Basic Text Long-Term Psychodynamic...

Glen O Gabbard, MD (Editor)
Buy from $9.85
eBook from $62.00

Facilitating the Process of Working Through in Psychotherapy: Mastering the Middle Game Facilitating the Process of...

Patricia Coughlin
Buy from $37.52
eBook from $21.98

From Breakdown to Breakthrough: Psychoanalytic Treatment of Psychosis From Breakdown to...

Danielle Knafo, Michael Selzer
Buy from $37.53
eBook from $21.98

Short-Term Therapy for Long-Term Change Short-Term Therapy for Long...

Marion F Solomon, Robert J Neborsky
Buy from $4.05

Essential Papers on Addiction Essential Papers on Addiction

Daniel L Yalisove (Editor)
Buy from $6.17

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders: A Clinical Handbook Psychodynamic Psychotherapy...

Dr. John F Clarkin, PhD (Editor), Peter Fonagy (Editor)
Buy from $50.00

Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism Borderline Conditions and...

Dr. Otto F Kernberg, M.D.
Buy from $24.84
eBook from $62.73

The Clinical Thinking of Wilfred Bion The Clinical Thinking of...

Joan Symington, Neville Symington
Buy from $25.00
eBook from $26.93

Psychodynamic Supervision: Perspectives for the Supervisor and the Supervisee Psychodynamic Supervision:...

Martin H Rock
Buy from $6.88
eBook from $57.20

Psychodynamic Therapy Techniques: A Guide to Expressive and Supportive Interventions Psychodynamic Therapy...

Brian A Sharpless
Buy from $63.02
eBook from $47.45

Treating Affect Phobia: A Manual for Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Treating Affect Phobia: A...

Leigh McCullough, PhD, Nat Kuhn, MD, PhD
Buy from $29.75
eBook from $35.40

How Connections Heal: Stories from Relational-Cultural Therapy How Connections Heal: Stories...

Maureen Walker, PhD (Editor), Wendy B Rosen, PH.D. (Editor)
Buy from $12.43

Psychodynamic Theory for Therapeutic Practice Psychodynamic Theory for...

Juliet Higdon
Buy from $58.67
eBook from $28.05

Psychodynamic Therapy: A Guide to Evidence-Based Practice Psychodynamic Therapy: A...

Richard F Summers, MD, Jacques P Barber, PhD, Abpp
Buy from $19.94
eBook from $29.40

The Supervisory Relationship: A Contemporary Psychodynamic Approach The Supervisory Relationship:...

Mary Gail Frawley-O'Dea, PhD, Joan E Sarnat, PhD
Buy from $34.34
eBook from $31.20

Psychodynamic Perspectives on Working with Children, Families, and Schools Psychodynamic Perspectives on...

Michael O'Loughlin (Contributions by), Derek Bunyard (Contributions by)
Buy from $55.56
eBook from $43.55

Transformation in Psychotherapy: Corrective Experiences Across Cognitive Behavioral, Humanistic, and Psychodynamic Approaches Transformation in...

Louis G Castonguay, PhD (Editor), Dr. Clara E Hill, PhD (Editor)
Buy from $38.01

Mastering Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Roadmap to the Unconscious Mastering Intensive Short...

Robert J. Neborsky, Josette ten Have-de Labije
Buy from $48.62
eBook from $35.73

Psychodynamic Techniques: Working with Emotion in the Therapeutic Relationship Psychodynamic Techniques:...

Karen J Maroda, Ph.D.
Buy from $14.22
eBook from $21.00

Blooming in December: Psychodynamic Psychotherapy with Older Adults Blooming in December:...

Amy Schaffer
Buy from $26.93
eBook from $19.23

Short-Term Anxiety-Provoking Psychotherapy: A Treatment Manual Short-Term Anxiety-Provoking...

Peter E Sifneos
Buy from $1.26

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