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Law's Religion: Religious Difference and the Claims of Constitutionalism Law's Religion: Religious...

Benjamin L Berger
Buy from $28.22
eBook from $23.97

Canada's Odyssey: A Country Based on Incomplete Conquests Canada's Odyssey: A Country...

Peter H Russell
Buy from $2.28
eBook from $24.57

There's Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous & Black Communities There's Something in the...

Ingrid R G Waldron
Buy from $26.84

Water Without Borders?: Canada, the United States, and Shared Waters Water Without Borders?:...

Emma S Norman (Editor), Alice Cohen (Editor)
Buy from $1.00
eBook from $28.77

Private Power, Public Purpose: Adventures in Business, Politics, and the Arts Private Power, Public Purpose...

Thomas D'Aquino
Buy from $21.18

Local Government in Action: A Simulation Local Government in Action: A...

William D Kennedy, Gary N Wilson
Buy from $34.60

The Canadian Environment in Political Context The Canadian Environment in...

Andrea Olive
Buy from $45.02

Climate Change Policy in North America: Designing Integration in a Regional System Climate Change Policy in...

A. Neil Craik (Editor), Isabel Studer (Editor)
Buy from $46.77
eBook from $29.97

Fixing the Future: How Canada's Usually Fractious Governments Worked Together to Rescue the Canada Pension Plan Fixing the Future: How Canada...

Bruce Little
Buy from $2.10
eBook from $28.77

Agents of Influence: A British Campaign, a Canadian Spy, and the Secret Plot to Bring America Into World War II Agents of Influence: A...

Henry Hemming
Buy from $1.49

The People's Verdict: Adding Informed Citizen Voices to Public Decision-Making The People's Verdict: Adding...

Claudia Chwalisz
Buy from $15.85
eBook from $11.70

Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics Fire and Ashes: Success and...

Professor Michael Ignatieff
Buy from $2.00

The Reconciliation Manifesto: Recovering the Land, Rebuilding the Economy The Reconciliation Manifesto:...

Arthur Manuel, Ronald Derrickson
Buy from $8.26

No Choice: The 30-Year Fight for Abortion on Prince Edward Island No Choice: The 30-Year Fight...

Kate McKenna
Buy from $6.74

Stephen Harper Stephen Harper

John Ibbitson
Buy from $2.00

A History of Law in Canada, Volume One: Beginnings to 1866 A History of Law in Canada,...

Philip Girard, Jim Phillips
Buy from $69.32
eBook from $40.80

Engaging China: Myth, Aspiration, and Strategy in Canadian Policy from Trudeau to Harper Engaging China: Myth,...

Paul M Evans
Buy from $6.09
eBook from $18.57

Canadian Regime: An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada, Seventh Edition Canadian Regime: An...

Patrick Malcolmson, Richard Myers
Buy from $59.43
eBook from $28.17

The Land We Are: Artists and Writers Unsettle the Politics of Reconciliation The Land We Are: Artists and...

Gabrielle Hill (Editor), Sophie McCall (Editor)
Buy from $95.66

Chronic Condition: Why Canada's Health Care System Needs to Be Dragged Into the 21c Chronic Condition: Why Canada...

Jeffrey Simpson
Buy from $1.49

Citizen Trudeau: An Intellectual Biography, 1944-1965 Citizen Trudeau: An...

Allen Mills
Buy from $25.50

Empathy: Turning Compassion Into Action Empathy: Turning Compassion...

David Johnston, Brian Hanington
Buy from $19.06

Canadian Studies in the New Millennium, Second Edition Canadian Studies in the New...

Mark J Kasoff, Dr. Patrick James
Buy from $2.06
eBook from $26.97

Carbon Province, Hydro Province: The Challenge of Canadian Energy and Climate Federalism Carbon Province, Hydro...

Douglas MacDonald
Buy from $6.67
eBook from $27.57

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