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Mathematics Vector Analysis Books

Tensor analysis on manifolds Tensor analysis on manifolds

Richard L. Bishop
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eBook from $14.95

An Introduction to Involutive Structures An Introduction to Involutive...

Shiferaw Berhanu, Paulo D. Cordaro
Buy from $17.50

A History of Vector Analysis: The Evolution of the Idea of a Vectorial System A History of Vector Analysis:...

Michael J Crowe
Buy from $5.72

Vector: A Surprising Story of Space, Time, and Mathematical Transformation Vector: A Surprising Story of...

Robyn Arianrhod
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eBook from $27.99

Vector and tensor analysis with applications Vector and tensor analysis...

Aleksandr Ivanovich Borisenko
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eBook from $15.95

Vector Calculus Vector Calculus

Tom Barr, Thomas H Barr
Buy from $14.83

Introduction to Vectors and Tensors: Second Edition--Two Volumes Bound as One Volume 2 Introduction to Vectors and...

Dr. Ray M Bowen, C -C Wang
Buy from $25.95

About Vectors About Vectors

Banesh Hoffmann
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eBook from $10.95

Geometrical Vectors Geometrical Vectors

Gabriel Weinreich
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eBook from $33.99

A first course in stochastic processes. A first course in stochastic...

Samuel Karlin
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eBook from $93.95

Analytics: Data Science, Data Analysis and Predictive Analytics for Business Analytics: Data Science, Data...

Daniel Covington
Buy from $5.96

Bayesian Implementation Bayesian Implementation

Thomas R Palfrey
Buy from $58.36
eBook from $32.45

A Brief on Tensor Analysis A Brief on Tensor Analysis

James G Simmonds
Buy from $10.77

Hodge Decomposition - A Method for Solving Boundary Value Problems Hodge Decomposition - A...

G?nter Schwarz
Buy from $42.25

Vector Calculus Vector Calculus

Paul C Matthews
Buy from $9.00

Vector Calculus Vector Calculus

P R Baxandall
Buy from $14.85

Tensor Calculus Tensor Calculus

J L Synge, A Schild
Buy from $3.11
eBook from $16.95

An Introduction to Tensors and Group Theory for Physicists An Introduction to Tensors...

Nadir Jeevanjee
Buy from $44.57
eBook from $16.50

Tensors, Differential Forms, and Variational Principles Tensors, Differential Forms,...

David Lovelock, Hanno Rund
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eBook from $17.95

Elements of Vector Algebra Elements of Vector Algebra

Ludwik Silberstein
Buy from $5.61

The Geometry of Multivariate Statistics The Geometry of Multivariate...

Thomas D Wickens
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eBook from $38.50

Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models: With an Implementation in R Vector Generalized Linear and...

Thomas W Yee
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eBook from $32.70

Cartesian tensors Cartesian tensors

Sir Harold Jeffreys
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Vector methods applied to differential geometry,mechanics and potential theory. Vector methods applied to...

Daniel Edwin Rutherford
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eBook from $10.95

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