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Extinct animals Books

When the Whales Walked: And Other Incredible Evolutionary Journeys When the Whales Walked: And...

Dougal Dixon, Hannah Bailey (Illustrator)
Buy from $10.98
eBook from $17.95

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Sharks and Other Sea Monsters Pop-Up Encyclopedia Prehistorica...

Robert Sabuda (Illustrator), Matthew Reinhart (Illustrator)
Buy from $3.51

The Bedtime Book of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life: Meet More Than 100 Creatures from Long Ago The Bedtime Book of Dinosaurs...

Dean Lomax
Buy from $12.01

Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals Small and Tall Tales of...

Helene Rajcak, Damien Laverdunt
Buy from $2.00

My Weird School Fast Facts: Dinosaurs, Dodos, and Woolly Mammoths My Weird School Fast Facts:...

Dan Gutman, Jim Paillot (Illustrator)
Buy from $1.05
eBook from $3.14

The Magnificent Book of Extinct Animals The Magnificent Book of...

Barbara Taylor, Walerczuk Val (Illustrator)
Buy from $13.18

Prehistoric America: A Journey Through the Ice Age and Beyond Prehistoric America: A...

Miles Barton (Foreword by), Nigel Bean (Foreword by)
Buy from $2.00

Ancient DNA: The Making of a Celebrity Science Ancient DNA: The Making of a...

Elizabeth D Jones
Buy from $13.23

Twilight of the Mammoths: Ice Age Extinctions and the Rewilding of America Twilight of the Mammoths: Ice...

Paul S Martin, Harry W Greene (Foreword by)
Buy from $10.00

Antolog?a de Dinosaurios Y Vida Prehist?rica (Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life) Antolog?a de Dinosaurios Y...

Professor Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan
Buy from $15.55

How to Clone a Mammoth: The Science of de-Extinction How to Clone a Mammoth: The...

Beth Shapiro
Buy from $2.00
eBook from $14.95

Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive History's Most Iconic Extinct Creature Woolly: The True Story of the...

Ben Mezrich
Buy from $1.49

Music for Tigers Music for Tigers

Michelle Kadarusman
Buy from $1.50

Extinct Alphabet Book Extinct Alphabet Book

Jerry Pallotta
Buy from $1.31

Draw 50 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals: The Step-By-Step Way to Draw Tyrannosauruses, Woolly Mammoths, and Many More... Draw 50 Dinosaurs and Other...

Lee J Ames
Buy from $1.99

Weird and Wonderful Extinct Animals Weird and Wonderful Extinct...

Cristina Banfi, Rossella Trionfetti (Illustrator)
Buy from $9.53

Extinctosaurus: Encyclopedia of Lost and Endangered Species Extinctosaurus: Encyclopedia...

Tamara Green, Tony Gibbons (Illustrator)
Buy from $5.92

Atlas de Las Criaturas Extintas Atlas de Las Criaturas...

Nikola Kucharska (Illustrator), Joanna Wajs
Buy from $9.99

Still in Search of Prehistoric Survivors: The Creatures That Time Forgot? Still in Search of...

Karl P N Shuker, Roy P Mackal (Foreword by)
Buy from $63.35

Manu, the Boy Who Loved Birds Manu, the Boy Who Loved Birds

Caren Loebel-Fried
Buy from $8.04

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts Pop-Up Encyclopedia Prehistorica...

Matthew Reinhart (Illustrator), Robert Sabuda (Illustrator)
Buy from $23.48

The Dinosaur Book The Dinosaur Book

DK, John Woodward
Buy from $6.65

El Libro de Los Dinosaurios (the Dinosaur Book) El Libro de Los Dinosaurios ...

Buy from $7.05

Animals of a Bygone Era: An Illustrated Compendium Animals of a Bygone Era: An...

Maja Safstroem
Buy from $1.49

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