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Amy Tan

Born in the US to immigrant Chinese parents, Amy Tan failed her mother's expectations that she become a doctor and concert pianist. She settled on writing fiction. Her novels are The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God's Wife, The Hundred Secret Senses, The Bonesetter's Daughter, Saving Fish from Drowning, and The Valley of Amazement, all New York Times bestsellers. She is also the author of a memoir, The Opposite of Fate, and two children's books. Her work has been translated into 35 languages.

Personality Profile For Amy Tan

Amy Tan

The following is a personality profile of Amy Tan based on her work.

Amy Tan is a bit compulsive, unpretentious and can be perceived as dependent.

She is susceptible to stress, she is easily overwhelmed in stressful situations. She is fiery as well: she has a fiery temper, especially when things do not go her way. But, Amy Tan is also intermittent: she has a hard time sticking with difficult tasks for a long period of time.

More than most people, his choices are driven by a desire for self-expression.

She is also relatively unconcerned with taking pleasure in life: she prefers activities with a purpose greater than just personal enjoyment. Considers helping others to guide a large part of what she does: she thinks it is important to take care of the people around her.

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