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On Power: Neurophilosophical Foundations and Policy Implications On Power: Neurophilosophical...

Nayef R F Al-Rodhan
Buy from $57.55

Comprehending Power in Christian Social Ethics Comprehending Power in...

Christine Firer Hinze
Buy from $48.22

Pathways of Power: Building Anthropology of Modern World Pathways of Power: Building...

Eric R Wolf, Aram Yengoyan (Foreword by)
Buy from $20.60

The Conceptual Practices of Power: A Feminist Sociology of Knowledge The Conceptual Practices of...

Dorothy E Smith
Buy from $12.30

Fire Becomes Her Fire Becomes Her

Rosiee Thor
Buy from $2.23

Sharp's Dictionary of Power and Struggle Sharp's Dictionary of Power...

Buy from $94.66
eBook from $16.25

Killer Woman Blues: Why Americans Can't Think Straight about Gender and Power Killer Woman Blues: Why...

Benjamin DeMott
Buy from $2.95

A Short History of Power A Short History of Power

Simon Heffer
Buy from $2.87

Creativity of Power PB Creativity of Power PB

W Arens, William F Arens (Editor)
Buy from $11.07

Contemporary Feminist Theory: A Text / Reader Contemporary Feminist Theory:...

Ms. Mary F Rogers
Buy from $5.80

Amern Establishment Amern Establishment

Buy from $1.99

Performance and Power Performance and Power

Jeffrey C. Alexander
Buy from $22.88
eBook from $22.00

From Genesis to Genocide: The Meaning of Human Nature and the Power of Behavior Control From Genesis to Genocide: The...

Stephan L Chorover
Buy from $8.97

The Headless State: Aristocratic Orders, Kinship Society, & Misrepresentations of Nomadic Inner Asia The Headless State:...

David Sneath
Buy from $70.14

America, War and Power: Defining the State, 1775-2005 America, War and Power:...

Lawrence Sondhaus (Editor), A James Fuller (Editor)
Buy from $49.74

City, Class, and Power City, Class, and Power

Manuel Castells
Buy from $8.62

Attachment, Sexuality, Power: Oedipal Theory as Regulator of Family Affection in Freud's Case of Little Hans Attachment, Sexuality, Power:...

Jerome C Wakefield
Buy from $40.34
eBook from $23.63

Gas City Gas City

Loren D Estleman
Buy from $1.49

Strategic Cooperation: Overcoming the Barriers of Global Anarchy Strategic Cooperation:...

Michael O Slobodchikoff
Buy from $54.13
eBook from $33.80

Money Power: A Force for Freedom or Slavery? Money Power: A Force for...

Isac Boman
Buy from $30.36

Why Jenny Can't Lead: Understanding the Male Dominant System Why Jenny Can't Lead:...

Jinx Melia
Buy from $3.77

The Passage of Power: Studies in Political Succession The Passage of Power: Studies...

Robbins Burling
Buy from $21.44

The eclipse of citizenship; power and participation in contemporary politics The eclipse of citizenship;...

Robert J. Pranger
Buy from $169.16

Rural Catalonia Rural Catalonia

Buy from $18.35

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