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NoŽl: Carols & Chants for Christmas - Andrew Lawrence-King (psaltery); Andrew Lawrence-King (irish harp); Andrew Lawrence-King (baroque harp); Anonymous 4;...
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  1. Intonent hodie, hymn
  2. Exultemus et letemur
  3. Gaudens in Domino
  4. Seint Nicholas was borne in the citee of Patras
  5. Confessor Dei Nicholaus, responsory
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  1. Intonent hodie, hymn
  2. Exultemus et letemur
  3. Gaudens in Domino
  4. Seint Nicholas was borne in the citee of Patras
  5. Confessor Dei Nicholaus, responsory
  6. Cantu miro summa laude
  7. Sainte Nicolaes Godes Drud
  8. Whanne the bisshop of the citee of Myre deied
  9. Nicholai Presulis, conductus
  10. Cum quidam fluctuantia
  11. Novus presul prodiit
  12. Sainte Nicolaes Godes Drud
  13. All the province of Seint Nicholas suffered
  14. Plaudat letitia
  15. Salve cleri speculum/Salve iubar presulum
  16. Sainte Nicolaes Godes Drud
  17. A worschipfull mann hadde thre doughtres virgines
  18. Fulget Nicolaus, conductus for 3 voices
  19. Ex eius tumba, responsory / Sospitati dedit egros, prosa
  20. Gaudens in Domino
  21. And whanne oure Lorde lust to take Seint Nicholas...
  22. Psallat Chorus in Novo Carmina; Eximie Pater Egregie; (Aptatur), motet, for men's ensemble
  23. Nicholae presulum, conductus
  24. Nicholaus pontifex
  25. Awake and join the cheerful choir (English)
  26. The Wexford Carol ("Good People All, This Christmastime") (Enniscorthy Carol) (Irish)
  27. The Seven Rejoices of Mary, carol (Irish)
  28. The Lamb, for chorus
  29. A Scots Lilt (My Lady Binnis Lilt), for harp (after the Wemyss Lute Book)
  30. Balulalow ("I come from hevin to tell") (Scottish)
  31. Balulalow, for chorus
  32. The Holly and the Ivy (English)
  33. The Reel of Tullochgorum
  34. I Saw Three Ships, carol
  35. A Calendar of Kings, for 4 voices
  36. On a Cold Winter's Day, carol (Irish)
  37. An teicheadh go h…igipt (Flight into Egypt)
  38. A god, and yet a man?
  39. Green groweth the holly, carol
  40. Wel, dyma'r borau gorau (Welsh)
  41. The Cherry Tree Carol
  42. Can wassel (Wassail Song) ("Nadelek yu gyllys h'an bledhen") (Cornish)
  43. Friday Afternoons, children's songs (12) for children's chorus & piano, Op. 7: A New Year Carol
  44. Hodie Christus natus est
  45. O nobilis nativitas / O mira dei / O decus virgineum / Apparuit, motet
  46. Lux de luce
  47. Alleluya, a nywe werk is come on honde
  48. Verbum supernum prodiens
  49. Balaam de quo vaticians / (Ballam) (motet)
  50. Ave Maria
  51. Gabriel, Fram Evene King Sent (Angelus ad Virginem) (English, 13th c.)
  52. Lullay, lullow: I saw a swete semely syght, christmas carol for 2 voices
  53. Prolis eterne genitor / Psallat mater gracie / (Pes) (motet)
  54. Vox clara ecce intonat, hymn
  55. De Supernis Sedibus, rondellus
  56. Omnes de Saba
  57. Puellare gremium / Purissima mater / (Pes) (motet)
  58. Lullay, Lullay: As I lay on Yooles night
  59. Tria sunt munera, responsory
  60. Orto sole serene / Origo viri / Virga Iesse / (Tenor) (motet)
  61. Peperit virgo
  62. Ecce Quod Natura
  63. A solis ortus cardine
  64. Ther Is No Rose of Swych Vertu, carol (English)
  65. Videntes stellam
  66. Nowel: Owt of your slepe aryse (English)
  67. Ave spes nostra
  68. Mi AtyŠnk Atya Isten
  69. Veni domine
  70. O mundi domina
  71. Fuit virgo
  72. Vox clara, ecce, intonat
  73. Omnes unanimiter
  74. Dum medium silentium
  75. Primo tempore alleviata
  76. Speciosus forma
  77. Novum decus oritur
  78. Letentur celi
  79. Salvator noster
  80. Az idvŲzitŲt rťgenten
  81. Novus annus adiit
  82. Exulta filia Syon
  83. Liber generationis
  84. Gaude et letare
  85. Exordium quadruplate / Nate dei / concrepet infanti / Verbum caro, motet
  86. Isten, tťged
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Anonymous 4, the a cappella women's vocal quartet, has recorded a number of albums of sacred music for the Christmas season, and this set is a reissue of four of the most popular -- Legends of St. Nicholas: Medieval European Chant and Polyphony, Wolcum Yule: Celtic and British Songs and Carols, On Yoolis Night: Medieval Carols and Motets, and A Star in the East: Medieval Hungarian Christmas Music.The pieces span the twelfth to the twenty first centuries, but the collection is heavily weighted with works from the Medieval ...

NoŽl: Carols & Chants for Christmas 2005, Harmonia Mundi

UPC: 093046741129