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Copenhagenize: The Definitive Guide to Global Bicycle Urbanism Copenhagenize: The Definitive...

Mikael Colville-Andersen
Buy from $20.07
eBook from $39.99

Movement: how to take back our streets and transform our lives Movement: how to take back...

Thalia Verkade, Marco te Broemmelstroet
Buy from $21.57

The Geography of Transport Systems The Geography of Transport...

Jean-Paul Rodrigue
Buy from $1.67
eBook from $35.73

Crafting Form-Based Codes: Resilient Design, Policy, and Regulation Crafting Form-Based Codes:...

Korkut Onaran
Buy from $59.54
eBook from $35.73

Urban Playground: How Child-Friendly Planning and Design Can Save Cities Urban Playground: How Child...

Tim Gill
Buy from $48.54
eBook from $26.38

Transport For Humans: Are We Nearly There Yet? Transport For Humans: Are We...

Pete Dyson, Rory Sutherland
Buy from $17.93
eBook from $16.00

Highway Engineering: Planning, Design, and Operations Highway Engineering: Planning...

Daniel J. Findley, Bastian Schroeder
Buy from $92.55
eBook from $150.00

The Urban Political Economy and Ecology of Automobility: Driving Cities, Driving Inequality, Driving Politics The Urban Political Economy...

Alan Walks (Editor)
Buy from $59.00
eBook from $30.23

The Story of Crossrail The Story of Crossrail

Christian Wolmar
Buy from $12.97

Recommandations Relatives Au Transport Des Marchandises Dangereuses: Reglement Type Recommandations Relatives Au...

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Buy from $261.48

Costs of Sprawl Costs of Sprawl

Reid Ewing, Shima Hamidi
Buy from $64.36
eBook from $32.98

Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) (Russian Language Edition): Applicable as from 1 January 2023 Agreement Concerning the...

United Nations (Editor)
Buy from $259.63

Transit Life: How Commuting Is Transforming Our Cities Transit Life: How Commuting...

David Bissell
Buy from $10.86

Mobility Design: Shaping Future Mobility Volume 2: Research Mobility Design: Shaping...

Kai Voeckler (Editor), Peter Eckart (Editor)
Buy from $59.33

Intermodal Freight Transport and Logistics Intermodal Freight Transport...

Jason Monios (Editor), Rickard Bergqvist (Editor)
Buy from $48.76
eBook from $32.98

The Urban Section: An Analytical Tool for Cities and Streets The Urban Section: An...

Robert Mantho
Buy from $70.34
eBook from $34.63

Sustainable Railway Futures: Issues and Challenges Sustainable Railway Futures:...

Becky P.Y. Loo (Editor), Claude Comtois (Editor)
Buy from $69.83
eBook from $34.63

The Quito Papers and the New Urban Agenda The Quito Papers and the New...

Buy from $42.08
eBook from $29.13

The Routledge Companion to Air Transport Management The Routledge Companion to...

Nigel Halpern (Editor), Anne Graham (Editor)
Buy from $77.69
eBook from $38.48

Forecasting Urban Travel: Past, Present and Future Forecasting Urban Travel:...

David E. Boyce, Huw C.W.L. Williams
Buy from $52.56

Bicycle Utopias: Imagining Fast and Slow Cycling Futures Bicycle Utopias: Imagining...

Cosmin Popan
Buy from $48.82
eBook from $30.23

Inland Waterway Transport: Challenges and Prospects Inland Waterway Transport:...

Bart Wiegmans (Editor), Rob Konings (Editor)
Buy from $58.68
eBook from $29.13

Informal Public Transport in Practice: Matatu Entrepreneurship Informal Public Transport in...

Meleckidzedeck Khayesi, Fredrick Muyia Nafukho
Buy from $27.50
eBook from $32.98

Landside | Airside: Why Airports Are the Way They Are Landside | Airside: Why...

Victor Marquez
Buy from $84.52
eBook from $27.00

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