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A Singing Contest: Conventions of Sound in the Poetry of Seamus Heaney A Singing Contest:...

Meg Tyler
Buy from $60.11
eBook from $35.20

Senses of Vibration: A History of the Pleasure and Pain of Sound Senses of Vibration: A...

Shelley Trower
Buy from $3.51
eBook from $20.45

Gothic Voices: The Vococentric Soundworld of Gothic Writing Gothic Voices: The...

Matt Foley
Buy from $19.18

The Sound of Nonsense The Sound of Nonsense

Richard Elliott
Buy from $35.37
eBook from $19.28

The Fact of Resonance: Modernist Acoustics and Narrative Form The Fact of Resonance:...

Julie Beth Napolin
Buy from $33.21
eBook from $32.99

Sound Recording Technology and American Literature: From the Phonograph to the Remix Sound Recording Technology...

Jessica E. Teague
Buy from $26.45

Victorian Soundscapes Victorian Soundscapes

John M Picker
Buy from $12.81
eBook from $32.37

Moving Words: Forms of English Poetry Moving Words: Forms of...

Derek Attridge
Buy from $22.64
eBook from $20.47

The Noises of American Literature, 1890-1985: Toward a History of Literary Acoustics The Noises of American...

Philipp Schweighauser
Buy from $137.72

Surprised by Sound: Rhyme's Inner Workings Surprised by Sound: Rhyme's...

Roi Tartakovsky
Buy from $29.98
eBook from $19.95

Hearing Voices: Aurality and New Spanish Sound Culture in Sor Juana In?s de la Cruz Hearing Voices: Aurality and...

Sarah Finley
Buy from $20.00

Sounding Modernism: Rhythm and Sonic Mediation in Modern Literature and Film Sounding Modernism: Rhythm...

Julian Murphet (Editor), Helen Groth (Editor)
Buy from $32.15

The Metaphysics of Sound in Wallace Stevens The Metaphysics of Sound in...

Anca Rosu
Buy from $21.19

Amplifications: Poetic Migration, Auditory Memory Amplifications: Poetic...

Paul Carter
Buy from $15.95
eBook from $20.45

Modernist Soundscapes: Auditory Technology and the Novel Modernist Soundscapes:...

Angela Frattarola
Buy from $60.00

The Sound of Shakespeare The Sound of Shakespeare

Wes Folkerth
Buy from $7.88
eBook from $28.60

Sounding Off: Rhythm, Music, and Identity in West African and Caribbean Francophone Novels Sounding Off: Rhythm, Music,...

Dr. Julie Huntington
Buy from $68.95

Sound Theatre: Thoughts on the Radio Play Sound Theatre: Thoughts on...

David Pownall
Buy from $22.68
eBook from $10.50

Sound and Motion in Wordsworth's Poetry Sound and Motion in...

May Tomlinson
Buy from $26.49

The Acoustics of the Social on Page and Screen The Acoustics of the Social...

Nathalie Aghoro
Buy from $42.46
eBook from $19.78

Wild Track: Sound, Text and the Idea of Birdsong Wild Track: Sound, Text and...

Sean Street
Buy from $127.53
eBook from $59.40

The Sound of Finnegans Wake The Sound of Finnegans Wake

P Myers
Buy from $159.69

Audiobooks, Literature, and Sound Studies Audiobooks, Literature, and...

Matthew Rubery
Buy from $69.37
eBook from $30.23

Characterization of sound in early Greek literature Characterization of sound in...

Maarit Kaimio
Buy from $199.99

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