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The Quantum Physics of Atomic Frequency Standards: Recent Developments The Quantum Physics of Atomic...

Jacques Vanier, Cipriana Tomescu
Buy from $58.23
eBook from $32.98

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics: A Primer for Mathematicians Lectures on Quantum Mechanics...

Philip L. Bowers
Buy from $85.76
eBook from $89.99

From Spinors to Quantum Mechanics From Spinors to Quantum...

Gerrit Coddens
Buy from $140.90
eBook from $60.00

Quantum Electronics for Atomic Physics Quantum Electronics for...

Warren Nagourney
Buy from $69.10

Magnetic Monopoles Magnetic Monopoles

Yakov M. Shnir
Buy from $56.25
eBook from $29.70

Probing the Quantum Vacuum: Perturbative Effective Action Approach in Quantum Electrodynamics and Its Application Probing the Quantum Vacuum:...

Walter Dittrich, Holger Gies
Buy from $107.23
eBook from $47.70

Quantum Optics and Quantum Computation: An introduction Quantum Optics and Quantum...

Dipankar Bhattacharyya, Jyotirmoy Guha
Buy from $106.53
eBook from $95.00

An Introduction to Non-Perturbative Foundations of Quantum Field Theory An Introduction to Non...

Franco Strocchi
Buy from $58.80
eBook from $35.75

Physics of Fractal Operators Physics of Fractal Operators

Bruce West (Editor), Mauro Bologna, M.D. (Editor)
Buy from $41.12
eBook from $16.50

Lectures on Quantum Mechanics Lectures on Quantum Mechanics

Jean-Louis Basdevant
Buy from $23.49
eBook from $16.50

Cp Violation Cp Violation

Gustavo Castelo Branco, Lu?s Lavoura
Buy from $15.99

Fractional Quantum Mechanics Fractional Quantum Mechanics

Nick Laskin
Buy from $54.49
eBook from $39.95

Schr÷dinger Operators: With Applications to Quantum Mechanics and Global Geometry Schr÷dinger Operators: With...

Hans L. Cycon, Richard G. Froese
Buy from $131.50

Principles of Physics: From Quantum Field Theory to Classical Mechanics Principles of Physics: From...

Jun Ni
Buy from $73.26
eBook from $31.00

Mechanics: From Newton's Laws to Deterministic Chaos Mechanics: From Newton's Laws...

Florian Scheck
Buy from $4.00
eBook from $26.70

Quantum Field Theory of Non-Equilibrium States Quantum Field Theory of Non...

J°rgen Rammer
Buy from $24.99
eBook from $69.60

Enjoy Our Universe: You Have No Other Choice Enjoy Our Universe: You Have...

Alvaro De R·jula
Buy from $24.70

Gauge Theories in the Twentieth Century Gauge Theories in the...

John C Taylor (Editor)
Buy from $26.52
eBook from $235.00

Quantum Computer Science Quantum Computer Science

Marco Lanzagorta, Jeffrey Uhlmann
Buy from $67.99
eBook from $10.50

A Novel Approach to Relativistic Dynamics: Integrating Gravity, Electromagnetism and Optics A Novel Approach to...

Yaakov Friedman, Tzvi Scarr
Buy from $159.68
eBook from $44.70

The Theory of Spectra and Atomic Constitution; Three Essays The Theory of Spectra and...

Niels Henrik David Bohr
Buy from $15.26

Quantum Ising Phases and Transitions in Transverse Ising Models Quantum Ising Phases and...

Sei Suzuki, Jun-ichi Inoue
Buy from $93.92
eBook from $26.70

The Physics of Quantum Mechanics The Physics of Quantum...

James Binney, David Skinner
Buy from $24.73
eBook from $29.25

The Wigner Transform The Wigner Transform

Maurice A De Gosson
Buy from $52.99
eBook from $46.00

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