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Violin Fraud: Deception, Forgery, Theft, and Lawsuits in England and America Violin Fraud: Deception,...

Brian W Harvey, Carla J Shapreau
Buy from $88.45

Dangerous Doses: A True Story of Cops, Counterfeiters, and the Contamination of America's Drug Supply Dangerous Doses: A True Story...

Katherine Eban
Buy from $1.79

Dangerous Doses: How a Band of Investigators Took on Counterfeiters and Ply Corruption and Made Our Medicine Safer Dangerous Doses: How a Band...

Katherine Eban
Buy from $1.33

Brand Protection and the Global Risk of Product Counterfeits: A Total Business Solution Approach Brand Protection and the...

Jeremy M Wilson (Editor)
Buy from $164.34
eBook from $40.00

Brand Integrity: Strategies for Fighting Contraband and Counterfeit Goods Brand Integrity: Strategies...

Anthony J Franze (Editor), Craig A Stewart (Editor)
Buy from $55.04

Trademark Counterfeiting, Product Piracy, and the Billion Dollar Threat to the U.S. Economy Trademark Counterfeiting,...

Paul R Paradise
Buy from $50.26

Global Brand Integrity Management: How to Protect Your Product in Today's Competitive Environment Global Brand Integrity...

Richard S Post, Penelope N Post
Buy from $2.00
eBook from $35.96

The Cat Sitter's Pajamas The Cat Sitter's Pajamas

Blaize Clement
Buy from $3.65

Watches: An Identification Manual for Contemporary and Collector's Pieces Watches: An Identification...

Fabrice Gueroux
Buy from $24.95

Phake: The Deadly World of Falsiefied and Substandard Medicines Phake: The Deadly World of...

Roger Bate
Buy from $3.07

Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting: Combating the Real Danger from Fake Drugs Pharmaceutical Anti...

Mark Davison
Buy from $91.90

Underglobalization: Beijing's Media Urbanism and the Chimera of Legitimacy Underglobalization: Beijing's...

Joshua Neves
Buy from $14.46
eBook from $27.95

Making a Killing: The Deadly Implications of the Counterfeit Drug Trade Making a Killing: The Deadly...

Roger Bate
Buy from $2.48

Faked in China: Nation Branding, Counterfeit Culture, and Globalization Faked in China: Nation...

Fan Yang
Buy from $3.03
eBook from $9.99

Piracy and the State: The Politics of Intellectual Property Rights in China Piracy and the State: The...

Martin K Dimitrov
Buy from $20.00

A Day At Disneyland: screenplay A Day At Disneyland:...

M D Lewis
Buy from $23.70

Fake Meds Online: The Internet and the Transnational Market in Illicit Pharmaceuticals Fake Meds Online: The...

Alexandra Hall, Georgios A Antonopoulos
Buy from $51.64
eBook from $16.50

Film Piracy, Organized Crime, and Terrorism Film Piracy, Organized Crime,...

Gregory F Treverton
Buy from $6.27

Trade in Counterfeit Goods and Free Trade Zones: Evidence from Recent Trends Trade in Counterfeit Goods...

Buy from $38.13

The ACTA and the Plurilateral Enforcement Agenda: Genesis and Aftermath The ACTA and the Plurilateral...

Pedro Roffe (Editor), Xavier Seuba (Editor)
Buy from $27.73
eBook from $127.00

Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods: Mapping the Economic Impact Trade in Counterfeit and...

Buy from $38.25

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Through Border Measures: Law and Practice in the Eu Enforcement of Intellectual...

Olivier Vrins (Editor), Marius Schneider (Editor)
Buy from $23.77
eBook from $60.00

Violin Fraud: Deception, Forgery, Theft, and the Law Violin Fraud: Deception,...

Brian W Harvey
Buy from $18.51

Knock Off Knock Off

Bill Levy
Buy from $3.51

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