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Literature and transnationalism Books

Transnational Literature: The Basics Transnational Literature: The...

Paul Jay
Buy from $26.03
eBook from $13.73

The Cambridge Companion to Transnational American Literature The Cambridge Companion to...

Yogita Goyal (Editor)
Buy from $21.21
eBook from $29.99

Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature of the Transpacific Transitive Cultures:...

Christopher B. Patterson
Buy from $20.00

Nabokov Noir: Cinematic Culture and the Art of Exile Nabokov Noir: Cinematic...

Luke Parker
Buy from $46.09
eBook from $31.99

The Mediating Nation: Late American Realism, Globalization, and the Progressive State The Mediating Nation: Late...

Nathaniel Cadle
Buy from $18.50
eBook from $25.99

Thinking Literature Across Continents Thinking Literature Across...

Ranjan Ghosh, J Hillis Miller
Buy from $22.51
eBook from $28.95

Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies Re-Framing the Transnational...

Winfried Fluck (Editor), Donald E Pease (Editor)
Buy from $12.00

Essays in Honor of Lois Parkinson Zamora: From the Americas to the World Essays in Honor of Lois...

John Ochoa (Editor), Monika Kaup (Editor)
Buy from $16.79
eBook from $29.25

Turns of Event: Nineteenth-Century American Literary Studies in Motion Turns of Event: Nineteenth...

Hester Blum (Editor)
Buy from $3.68
eBook from $28.95

The Literature of Absolute War: Transnationalism and World War II The Literature of Absolute...

Nil Santianez
Buy from $69.95
eBook from $80.00

The Imaginary and Its Worlds: American Studies After the Transnational Turn The Imaginary and Its Worlds:...

Laura Bieger (Editor), Ramon Saldivar (Editor)
Buy from $24.45

Neocolonial Fictions of the Global Cold War Neocolonial Fictions of the...

Steven Belletto (Editor), Joseph Keith (Editor)
Buy from $33.29

World Beats: Beat Generation Writing and the Worlding of U.S. Literature World Beats: Beat Generation...

Jimmy Fazzino
Buy from $15.00

Global Crusoe: Comparative Literature, Postcolonial Theory and Transnational Aesthetics Global Crusoe: Comparative...

Ann Marie Fallon
Buy from $72.59
eBook from $35.73

Exorcising Translation: Towards an Intercivilizational Turn Exorcising Translation:...

Professor Douglas Robinson, Brian James Baer (Editor)
Buy from $35.69
eBook from $18.29

Times of Mobility: Transnational Literature and Gender in Translation Times of Mobility:...

Jasmina Lukic (Editor)
Buy from $65.49

Early Modern Catholics, Royalists, and Cosmopolitans: English Transnationalism and the Christian Commonwealth Early Modern Catholics,...

Brian C. Lockey
Buy from $48.85
eBook from $26.93

Markets of Memories: Between the Postcolonial and the Transnational Markets of Memories: Between...

Maik Nwosu
Buy from $27.45

Comparative Cultural Studies and the New Weltliteratur Comparative Cultural Studies...

Elke Sturm-Trigonakis (Editor)
Buy from $22.03
eBook from $38.99

Gao Xingjian's Post-Exile Plays: Transnationalism and Postdramatic Theatre Gao Xingjian's Post-Exile...

Mary Mazzilli
Buy from $26.59
eBook from $36.85

Modern Writers, Transnational Literatures: Rabindranath Tagore and W. B. Yeats Modern Writers, Transnational...

Ragini Mohite
Buy from $105.25

Where Motley is Worn: Transnational Irish Literatures Where Motley is Worn:...

Amanda Tucker (Editor), Moira Casey (Editor)
Buy from $14.86

The Historical Novel, Transnationalism, and the Postmodern Era: Presenting the Past The Historical Novel,...

Susan Brantly
Buy from $20.00
eBook from $30.23

Migration and Exile: Charting New Literary and Artistic Territories Migration and Exile: Charting...

Ada Savin (Editor)
Buy from $58.96

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