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Redesign Your Library Website Redesign Your Library Website

Stacy Wittmann, Julianne Stam
Buy from $36.20
eBook from $27.23

Mobile Technologies in Libraries: A Lita Guide Mobile Technologies in...

Ben Rawlins
Buy from $33.92
eBook from $30.55

Modern Pathfinders: Creating Better Research Guides Modern Pathfinders: Creating...

Jason Puckett
Buy from $43.83

More Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data More Library Mashups:...

Nicole C Engard
Buy from $61.45

Blogging and Rss: A Librarians Guide Blogging and Rss: A...

Michael Sauers
Buy from $1.26

Library Mashups: Exploring New Ways to Deliver Library Data Library Mashups: Exploring...

Nicole C Engard
Buy from $1.99

Learning from Libraries That Use Wordpress: Content-Management System Best Practices and Case Studies Learning from Libraries That...

Kyle M Jones, Polly-Alida Farrington
Buy from $34.40
eBook from $52.00

Using Digital Analytics for Smart Assessment Using Digital Analytics for...

Tabatha Farney
Buy from $25.89
eBook from $52.00

Web 2.0 and Libraries: Impacts, Technologies and Trends Web 2.0 and Libraries:...

Dave Parkes (Editor), Geoff Walton (Editor)
Buy from $77.72

Making Library Web Sites Usable: A LITA Guide Making Library Web Sites...

Tom Lehman, Terry Nikkel
Buy from $1.99

Web Project Management for Academic Libraries Web Project Management for...

Jody Condit Fagan, Jennifer Keach
Buy from $126.32
eBook from $90.00

Implementing Web-Scale Discovery Services: A Practical Guide for Librarians Implementing Web-Scale...

Jolinda Thompson
Buy from $47.00
eBook from $51.68

Integrating Libguides Into Library Websites Integrating Libguides Into...

Aaron W Dobbs (Editor), Ryan L Sittler (Editor)
Buy from $40.01
eBook from $44.20

User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries User Experience (UX) Design...

Aaron Schmidt, Amnda Etches
Buy from $6.11

Making Library Websites Accessible: A Practical Guide for Librarians Making Library Websites...

Laura Francabandera
Buy from $56.99
eBook from $46.80

Usability Testing: A Practical Guide for Librarians Usability Testing: A...

Rebecca Blakiston
Buy from $45.00
eBook from $51.68

Improving the Visibility and Use of Digital Repositories Through Seo Improving the Visibility and...

Kenning Arlitsch, Patrick Obrien
Buy from $37.00
eBook from $52.00

Responsive Web Design for Libraries: A Lita Guide Responsive Web Design for...

Matthew Reidsma
Buy from $20.31

Web-Based Instruction Web-Based Instruction

Susan Sharpless Smith
Buy from $74.15
eBook from $44.00

Web Analytics Strategies for Information Professionals: A Lita Guide Web Analytics Strategies for...

Tabatha Farney, Tabiatha Farney
Buy from $6.75
eBook from $34.00

Usability Testing for Library Websites: A Hands-On Guide Usability Testing for Library...

Elaina Norlin, CM! Winters
Buy from $39.93

The Comparative Guide to Wordpress in Libraries: A Lita Guide The Comparative Guide to...

Amanda L. Goodman
Buy from $35.97

Wordpress for Libraries Wordpress for Libraries

Chad Haefele, Ellyssa Kroski (Editor)
Buy from $6.73
eBook from $36.40

Library Web Development: Beyond Tips and Tricks Library Web Development:...

Jason Bengtson
Buy from $89.67
eBook from $56.00

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