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Carbon taxes Books

Can We Price Carbon? Can We Price Carbon?

Barry G. Rabe
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Paying for Pollution: Why a Carbon Tax Is Good for America Paying for Pollution: Why a...

Gilbert E Metcalf
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Implementing a Us Carbon Tax: Challenges and Debates Implementing a Us Carbon Tax:...

Ian Parry (Editor), Adele Morris (Editor)
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The Evolution of Carbon Markets: Design and Diffusion The Evolution of Carbon...

Jorgen Wettestad (Editor), Lars Gulbrandsen (Editor)
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Fiscal Policy to Mitigate Climate Change: A Guide to Policymakers Fiscal Policy to Mitigate...

International Monetary Fund (Editor)
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The Case for a Carbon Tax: Getting Past Our Hang-Ups to Effective Climate Policy The Case for a Carbon Tax:...

Dr. Shi-Ling Hsu, Ph.D.
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Pricing Carbon Emissions: Economic Reality and Utopia Pricing Carbon Emissions:...

Aviel Verbruggen
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Putting the Genie Back: Book 2: Why Carbon Pricing Matters Putting the Genie Back: Book...

David Hone
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Carbon-Energy Taxation: Lessons from Europe Carbon-Energy Taxation:...

Mikael Skou Andersen (Editor), Paul Ekins (Editor)
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Business in a Changing Climate: Explaining Industry Support for Carbon Pricing Business in a Changing...

Kaija Belfry Munroe
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Economic Instruments for a Low-Carbon Future Economic Instruments for a...

Theodoros Zachariadis (Editor), Janet E Milne (Editor)
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Carbon Tax Carbon Tax

Natalie Hyde
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Environmental Markets: Equity and Efficiency Environmental Markets: Equity...

Graciela Chichilnisky (Editor), Professor Geoffrey Heal (Editor)
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Climate-Change Policy Climate-Change Policy

Dieter Helm (Editor)
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Carbon Taxes: Elements, Considerations & Objectives Carbon Taxes: Elements,...

Neil Viveiros (Editor)
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Lowering the Cost of Emission Reduction: Joint Implementation in the Framework Convention on Climate Change Lowering the Cost of Emission...

M a Ridley
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Carbon Tax & Cap-&-Trade Tools: Market-Based Approaches for Controlling Greenhouse Gases Carbon Tax & Cap-&-Trade...

Nelson E Burney (Editor)
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Public Choice and Environmental Regulation: Tradable Permit Systems in the United States and Co2 Taxation in Europe Public Choice and...

Gert T Svendsen
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Climate Change: Designing a Practical Tax System Climate Change: Designing a...

Oecd, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation a
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The Economics of Global Warming The Economics of Global...

Tom Tietenberg (Editor)
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